As a third year university student at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David; Swansea studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography my work is largely based on answering questions using my camera to document an environment/scenario. 

During my two years of study, my work mainly involved working with clients in tattoo parlours and barber shops, documenting the environment and the subjects within. These were hugely influential projects as they truly established the style of photographs I would take in later projects and way in which I worked with my clients.

Currently in my third year, after being involved in three exhibitions, building a book and the completion of numerous projects, my work is now devoted to documenting social issues and culture as I look to address the causes and effects that a neoliberal climate can have on local business.

Can smaller bespoke businesses compete in a society in which big business rules? By documenting workspaces and individuals, I hope to illuminate the level of their pride and commitment in comparison to their larger corporate competitors.

Quest for Coverage Tattoo Parlour, Swansea 2016
Book project Image